LSSL 7367 Research in Library Science: An analysis of the type and extent of library research
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A doctoral textbook on library research reports that previous research of librarians has been "non-cumulative, fragmentary, generally weak and relentlessly oriented to immediate practice" (Connaway & Powell, 2010, p. 1).


One of the objectives of the LSSL 7367 course at Sam Houston State University for the Fall of 2012 is to assess the merit of this statement, and in general, to "find out what's out there."


This site serves to document my personal experience in the search as well as to record findings and share information discovered.


I share an overview and limitations of my work, and I point to three areas of library research that I explored:  dissertations, scholarly journals, and the open web. Conclusions and a summary statement follow.

This site and content published November 10, 2012

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